Our Referral Program is very easy to use and extremely rewarding.


When you are already enrolled to our courses, you can get a $30 voucher for each friend you recommend and they place their first order. It's quick and easy. Just go to My Account > Referral Program > Sponsor my friends and simply fill in their name and e-mail address.


It’s very important when they register with us to insert your email address in the Sponsor field. When one of them makes at least 1 order, he or she receives a voucher and you also get one as a reward for recommending us.


If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can still get a $30 voucher - on the registration form you can insert the email address of your Sponsor - meaning a friend who is already registered with us.


After the registration is complete, you get an email from us with a $30 voucher that you can use for your first order at check-out.


The voucher is valid 1 year so you have enough time to spend it by ordering Certificates for the completed courses or for enrolling to other courses. Your sponsor gets also a voucher from us, so everyone is happy.